woensdag 19 november 2014

Boek Art Journaling ...

Ik zou bijna vergeten om het hier te noemen:

Mijn boek over Art Journaling verscheen eind oktober. Apetrots ben ik, hoewel mijn kritisch 'blaatschaap' (en lezers van Creativiteit, geen Kunst of leden van Creatief Contact weten wie dat is en hebben er ook meestal een...) er erg actief door wordt.

Schrijf een boek over Art Journaling en je innerlijke criticus springt je loodzwaar op de nek! "Wie denk jij wel dat je bent.... enz."

Een beetje blij durft hij wel te wezen.
Op 24 oktober 2014 durfde hij even een luchtsprongetje te maken. 

Happy coincidence /Gelukkig toeval ?

For my art journaling I love to hunt for appealing words and big lettertypes in papers, old books and magazines.  This week’s newspaper supplement had lots to offer.  I found quite some useful words, nice big letters and moreover a picture of a white horse.

As I was neatly piling up my ‘harvest’ to shove it into my inspiration file, I noticed the horse’s head laying on top of the words: I want to make people dream.  It really touched  me how they seem to fit together.  I placed them aside where they landed on top of a black page with white lettering that was also in the pile…. It really made the white stand out against that dark background…

I got exited and felt that a touch of red might be added, so I leafed through the supplement and found a little red pillow. That was exactly what was needed, only a small strip of surrounding black paper had to be snipped off to make it fit... 

I took the scissors and the cut-off snippet happened to fall on top of the horses face… 
Wow… lo and behold!... it all came together:  colour, words,  picture, forms.
Do you believe in coincidence? I don't.  It had to be.  

I’d been looking for words and was given a unicorn!!   

I wish you lots of wonderful ‘accidental gifts’