Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Happy coincidence /Gelukkig toeval ?

For my art journaling I love to hunt for appealing words and big lettertypes in papers, old books and magazines.  This week’s newspaper supplement had lots to offer.  I found quite some useful words, nice big letters and moreover a picture of a white horse.

As I was neatly piling up my ‘harvest’ to shove it into my inspiration file, I noticed the horse’s head laying on top of the words: I want to make people dream.  It really touched  me how they seem to fit together.  I placed them aside where they landed on top of a black page with white lettering that was also in the pile…. It really made the white stand out against that dark background…

I got exited and felt that a touch of red might be added, so I leafed through the supplement and found a little red pillow. That was exactly what was needed, only a small strip of surrounding black paper had to be snipped off to make it fit... 

I took the scissors and the cut-off snippet happened to fall on top of the horses face… 
Wow… lo and behold!... it all came together:  colour, words,  picture, forms.
Do you believe in coincidence? I don't.  It had to be.  

I’d been looking for words and was given a unicorn!!   

I wish you lots of wonderful ‘accidental gifts’ 

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